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Modern vs. Contemporary Bathroom Decor: What’s best for you?

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The bathroom is the most intimate room in the home, and this question pops up often when building a new house or renovating a house. Most people do not understand the actual difference between modern design and a contemporary one. Modern designs came up around the early 1930s and mid-1960s so you can say they’re kind of old school. Contemporary designs were popularized around twenty years ago so they’re kind of the current designs.

When you see a bathroom with a modern design, you are looking out for neutral colours, lines, geometrical shapes, bare floors and natural materials being used but contemporary designs change as decades go by and new ideas come to light. You can check these modern bathroom design ideas to get an idea of what I’m talking about.

When it comes to a bathroom with a modern décor, simplicity is the rule of thumb. Modern bathrooms have built in shelves and cabinets to keep all the personal items that you may need. Modern bathrooms have clean and simple designs so they do not have clutter. If you still want a diversity splash, you can use tiles with geometric shapes; this would not affect simplicity. Modern bathrooms use neutral colours so you have white or grey towels, wooden or concrete elemental designs and framed modern prints.

You may also be wondering about the tub, the place in your bathroom where you can soak in and relax. The basic type of tub needed in modern bathrooms is the freestanding bathtub. You must also remember that modern bathrooms require balance so make sure you place your bathtub in a place where it balances with the rest of the furniture.

Also, little things like small plants and greenery matter and ideal lighting that would bring out the lines and shapes in the bathroom.

In a bathroom that has a contemporary décor, you’ll be aiming for sleek and stylish designs. Because if this aim, plumbing and pipe work must be hidden away. Contemporary designs usually have wall hung fittings, like the basin or even the toilet because it makes the bathroom more stylish. A sophisticated and uncluttered vanity unit would also add to the stylishness, and a large mirror would reflect light and make the bathroom feel bigger.

Contemporary designed bathrooms also usually ask for both a bathtub and a shower. If your budget or the space does not allow it, you can pick one like a claw foot bathtub or a stylish transparent glassed shower. Mostly importantly, an electric shower head is a must if you need both high pressure water flow and heating.

 Little accessories also add to the sleekness of a contemporary bathroom décor. You can use chrome taps to add to the style and other brassware in your fittings. You should also remember to pick taps and fixtures that would go with the furniture. And yes, you can have a rug and a bit of colour.

If you’re trying to decide what fits you best, look at your personality. A vibrant and extroverted person would go for contemporary décor while an introverted and calm person would like a modern design. All in all, consider the space, money and what you’re the most comfortable with.

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